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Dental implants

If you are missing teeth, they should be replaced to restore your natural smile, find a good mastication, avoid harming your diction and prevent your remaining teeth from moving.

These spaces are often filled by dentures that diminish and impair chewing and speech and often uncomfortable. Sometimes, when there is only one or a few teeth missing, we use bridges, but they are supported by the healthy neighboring teeth that must be cut.

A dental implant is a special metal anchor surgically placed into the bone of your upper jaw and/or the bottom under the gum. This implant should remain under the gum for a period of 3 to 6 months for bone integration occurs.

After a few months, when it is attached to the surrounding bone, the implant is exposed and serves as a base. A pillar is fixed and will serve as an extension on what will set your new tooth.

The dentist can now proceed with the new restoration whether it’s dentures, a crown or a bridge. It will look and feel of your natural teeth and will harmonize with them.

With implants, no more concern of unstable dentures or destruction of healthy tooth structure. Your new teeth will remain in place. You will notice very large improvements in your ability to smile, laugh, talk and chew.

The decision to improve your smile is very personal. Ask us if this treatment is for you; we will be happy to consider all solutions available to you.

Dental Implants in Cote-Vertu, Ville Saint – Laurent