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Preventive treatment (Check-ups, Cleaning, Sealants etc)


We often observe on top of the molars hollows and furrows called « pits and fissures sealants ». It is often difficult to properly clean the molars with deep hollows and furrows since the bristles of the tooth brush cannot reach inside the pits and fissures. They easily trap food debris which, accompanied by bacteria (dental plaque), cause decay in children.

We can prevent tooth decay in your children’s teeth by applying a sealing resin on the surfaces of the molars. The sealing resin acts as a protective barrier preventing dental plaque and food to stay on the tooth and cause decay.

The sealing resin is a plastic transparent or translucent materials applied on the surfaces of the molars where decay occurs most often. The liquid resin seeps into pits and fissures, and then with a source of intense light, we harden the resin. Once hardened, the resin adheres chemical and physically to the tooth and fills wells and cracks of the molars, preventing any food debris and any bacteria to enter.

This preventive treatment offers significant protection and last several years. This sealant applies in minutes, without anaesthesia, using a special technique. Finally, before applying the sealant, a diagnosis is made by the dentist, so that there is no decay on the tooth prior to application of sealer.

The pits and fissures sealant is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most effective preventive measure to date. From the appearance of the four first permanent molars at the age of 6 years old, a first session of sealants is recommended. A second should be performed to the age of 12 years old, at the moment where the second permanent molars appear.

The pits and fissures sealant is a preventive treatment for the permanent molars that should consider any parent. The absence of decays in children is now possible and is a precious legacy for the child.

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