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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening have become very popular in recent years and its success is now very well documented.

The amount of color change varies from one person to another and depends on the initial shade of the tooth. (Yellow bleaches better than grey), the length of time you wear the tray each day and the number of weeks you continue the treatment. The results can be unpredictable. Although some effect may be noticed as early as a few days, most patients report that a minimum of 2 weeks is required to see a color change.


  1. Brush and floss teeth.
  2. Apply thin coat in bleaching tray.
  3. Insert tray in mouth and remouve the excess gel with a Q-tip.
  4. Wear 30 minutes per application.


  • Teeth may become sensitive to cold and biting pressure.
  • Your gums may react to the bleaching gel.
  • Discomfort in your jaw joints.

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