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The veneer is an alternative to improve the appearance of your smile.

They are generally used to:

  • improve the aesthetics of the smile, for example to close a gap between two teeth
  • align the teeth with a slight overlap
  • correct the shape or color of the teeth

Porcelain veneer

A porcelain veneer is a collection of porcelain that is placed on the visible surface of the tooth by cementation. A porcelain veneer is manufactured in the laboratory. Porcelain veneers are more aesthetic and more resistant to stains than composite.

Usually two appointments are necessary to achieve this type of restoration.

Composite veneer

A composite veneer covers the visible part of the tooth and it adheres chemically. The outer portion of the tooth is reduced if necessary. A composite resin matched to the color of the neighboring teeth is applied to the tooth, and then shaped. A special light then hardens the composite, which will be finally adjusted and polished.

Composite resin veneers can be applied in just one visit.