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White Fillings

To prevent any discomfort from a new filling, we offer the following advice :

  1. Prevent from eating very hot or very cold food. It is normal for your teeth to be more sensitive to hot and cold for up to eight weeks.
  2. Don’t chew on anything that is too hard (first 24 hours) and try to eat with the other side of your mouth.
  3. In order to “fill” your tooth, we had to prepare a cavity; this irritates the tooth and results in inflammation and tooth sensitivity when the anesthetic wears off. To lessen this discomfort take an anti-inflammatory drug such as Aspirin or Advil or an analgesic such as Tylenol.
  4. If you feel any discomfort when you bite down on your teeth it may be that the filling is a little too “high”. Please return for a minor adjustment.
  5. If any pain persists after eight weeks or if it gets worse rather than better, please call us.
  6. If you have received an anesthetic for your lower teeth, take care not to bite your lip, tongue or cheek.